7-Piece Posture and Decompression Support Set


Free Fallin’

Here, we are using all the support pieces. Now you can safely induce mid-back spinal extension and retraction of the shoulders. Feels great at the end of the day or as a re-set before getting back to work. "Gonna free fall out into nothin', gonna leave this world for a while." - Tom Petty

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Zero Grav

The trapezoid piece not only helps to induce pelvic flexion but, because of the unique shape of the wedge and with the weight of the lower legs hanging over the edge, it also gently stretches the lower back area. Because of this, it can do what a zero gravity chair cannot do.

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Pay Attention, Class!

The triangular support piece promotes proper sitting posture. Use it on the flat seat portion of your chair to induce pelvic extension. After a while, put it along the back of your chair to induce spinal extension. Workplace ergonomics is about safety and productivity. Avoid falling into a slouching rut. The best position is the next position.

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At Ease, Soldier

Promote postural awareness, making your core muscles cooperate with your spinal muscles. This support provides padding for your head, and clearance for your shoulders and hips along the wall. The war general who knows where his troops are and where they're going is going to win.

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"The triangle support is firm, yet comfortable, and it keeps me from slouching which has helped with my lower back pain."

Danielle P. (San Diego, CA)

"The face-down position is very relaxing.  During my second day of doing it I ended up falling asleep.  A delightful surprise!"

Alice S. (Prior Lake, MN)

This system has helped to improve my mobility and improving my posture.  I am so thankful for Dr. Pietrek and his endless efforts in helping people find relief from their pain.

Angela L. (Poway, CA)